Top 13 tips for finding a job you will love| all free information

Top 13 tips for finding a job you will love

Top 13 tips for finding a job you will love
Top 13 tips for finding a job you will love

This article is special for people looking for jobs because we will tell you how Fresher's get a good job. We will discuss in detail the qualities required in a person to get a good job.

Employment is not only the need of every person, but also his right. Employment after air, water and food is the only thing without which it is not possible to sustain life.

Keeping in mind the rising unemployment in the country and the struggle being made to get employment of the youth, we are going to give you some tips in this article so that every person can get a good job.

Job difficulties for fresher's

Our youth, especially Fresher's, have to struggle a lot for jobs.

If a company does not have a good identity or does not get a placement from college, then what can Fresher's have to do for jobs? Who can know better than me?

Despite being good at studies, Fresher's have to wander from job to job.

Let us try to understand why there are so many problems in the job for fresher's and how to get a job,

1. Weakness of education system

The education system in our country is such that only the learners are taught to bring good marks here. Students do not even know what kind of companies they have to go to and what kind of work to do.

In such a situation, when they pass out, there is no option but to wander direction lessly.

2. Lack of curiosity among learners

Today's students and students live the college life just like an entertainer. They do not have the eagerness about their career that they should have. Due to social media and other addicted websites, students are deviating from their careers.

According to a research, 90% of pass engineers are not fit for the job because they lack knowledge.

3. Lack of guidance

Students lack guidance. There are many work students who have someone who gives the right advice. Parents feel that the child has been admitted, now our responsibility is over and the students feel that they have got admission in a good college. Now there are just fun in life, but all these things bring great problems later.

4. Rising unemployment

Rising unemployment in the country is also a big reason for our youth not getting employment because despite being good in studies, many students keep wandering for jobs (I was one of them at one time, was a topper but did not get a job if I wandered a lot Lying)

Fresher's, how to get a good job
Come, now let's talk about how Freshers can find a good job for themselves -

5. Choose Your Field

First of all, you need to know which field you are in and which type of job is right for you. Often, wherever fresher students see vacancy, they just go out to interview and in such a situation, failure is at hand.

Identify yourself and decide in which field you should go.

6. Make a Match

Before you begin your job search, spend time making sure you’re looking for the proper job. If you’re not certain about what you favor to do, take a career quiz or two to generate some ideas. If need be, get profession coaching or counseling to help get you on the proper track. Use the job search engines to search for jobs that are a in shape for your skills, experience, and interests.

7. Get the Inside Scoop

Don’t just practice for the job. Take it a step further. Use your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites to find out whom you know at the company. Ask them for insight and data on the company, in general, as well as about the job. Your contacts may additionally be able to provide you with a referral for the position. Check out the company’s LinkedIn web page and social media profiles to gather information.

8. Interviewing Works Both Ways

It’s just as precious for you to interview the company as it is for them to interview you. Be prepared to reply interview questions and have a list of interview questions of your own prepared to ask. If you’re not 100% positive about a job offer and you haven’t met the team you’ll be working with, ask if you can meet your future boss and colleagues. It's additionally perfectly fine to ask for time to think about a job offer if you need to suppose it over.

9. Check out the Company Culture

The job may sound terrific, but do you choose to work for the company? Is the company culture a in shape for you at this stage of your career? Is it too formal – or too casual? How is the organization structured? Are there opportunities there for advancement? Spend some time studying what employees have to say about the company on "". If you’re a university graduate, ask your career office if they have an alumni community you can connect with. Go back to your LinkedIn connections with follow-up questions.

10. Study continuously

The basic purpose of studies is not just to bring good numbers, but you have to study and learn throughout your life. Because finish learning, live
By choosing your field, you should constantly study the same subject so that when you give an interview, the interviewer cannot fail you.

11. Create good resume

Often, students download their resume from the Internet and edit it and create their resume. Do not do this, the resume which matches your skill or your branch should be made a base only by making a resume. Or seek the help of an acquaintance who is already working.

12. Apply on Job Portals

You are educated, self-sufficient, so why depend on others? Create your resume and apply to job portals like (,, etc.

13. Make Sure the Job Is a Good Fit

In addition to making certain that you want to work for the company, carefully consider the job offer. Do you truly want this job? Will you be pleased doing it? Will it boost your career? Will it give you the flexibility or work/life stability you need? Is the salary what you expected? If not, is negotiating a higher earnings an option? Are the employee benefits enough for your needs?

How about the work schedule, the hours, and the travel, if required? If there’s anything about the job or the compensation package that is making you suppose twice, the time to act is before you accept the offer.
Of course, now not all jobs work out perfectly even if you do all the right things. However, you’ll have a higher chance of making a suitable in shape if you’re careful about every step of the job search system and you take the time to do due diligence before you say “yes” to the hiring manager.

From here only direct companies will call you themselves and will call you for interview.

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