the interesting facts about india

the interesting facts about india

The interesting facts about india
interesting facts about india

Those who know and do not know India are aware of the fact that there are amazing steps in India, in such a situation, we are giving you a taste of some such fantastic facts which you hardly Would know
32 great facts of India that are hardly known ...
India Facts
India is called a country of legends and tales. There is so much cultural and natural diversity in India, no one can write about all the variations. Nevertheless, we have tried that we can get these facts to you in installments.

There are many facts related to geography and people of India ...

1. Origin of the name 'India'
The name 'India' originated from the river Indus which used to flow into the valleys of Indus Valley.
The official Sanskrit name is 'Republic of India' of Hindustan. Which today people only call 'India'.

2. Floating Post Office

By the way, India has the biggest postal network, the place there are 1,55,015 publish offices.
A single put up workplace is prepared to assist about 7,175 people.
The put up workplace of Dal Lake in Srinagar is additionally protected in such submit workplace of the country.
It is a floating put up workplace and commenced in the yr 2011. 

3. Button, was invented in India. Yes, your shirt buttons!

4. Ruler was invented in India.

What are 5 facts about India?

interesting facts about india kumbh mela
Kumbh mela
5. The crowd of Kumbh Mela was seen from the space.
In 2011, at the Kumbh Mela organized on the banks of Sangam, such a crowd was gathered in the world that this crowd was also seen from space. Is this not surprising?

6. How big is India
India is at number seven in the list of countries with the largest size in the world.

7. The most rainy place in the world is in India
Situated on the Khasi hills of Meghalaya province of India, there is so much rain in a place called Mausinram that a common man cannot even imagine them. Earlier this record was in the name of Cherrapunji of Meghalaya.

8. Crores of millionaires in India
There are crores of millionaires in India but there is a lot of difference between rich and poor in India due to which poverty is more here.

9. No national language
Language: India does not have a national language, Hindi is the official language spoken in many states of the country.
Apart from this, English is also spoken in many states of the country. Apart from this, there are languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi which are spoken in 22 states of the country. 1,652 dialects and languages ​​are used in India.

What are some cool facts about India?

10. Bandra-Worli marine joint has steel equal to the diameter of the earth It took 2,700,000,000 hours to build this bridge, and its total weight is equal to 50,000 African elephants.. It is a unique piece of human art.

11. World's highest cricket ground
There is a military school in Himachal Pradesh.. It was built in the year 1893 and it is the highest cricket ground in the whole world at altitude of 2,444 meters.

12. Shampoo is invented in India
You may have been a little surprised to know this fact, because earlier people believed in washing hair from clay, but the word shampoo derives from the Sanskrit language Champu. Champu refers to massage.

13. India's national kabaddi team has won the first World Cup
By the way, we are all crazy about cricket and remember the name of the World Cup as soon as cricket is remembered, just like I used to remember hockey. However, India's men's and women's kabaddi team have won all the World Cups held so far.

14. India first discovered water on the moon
This is the matter of September 2009. The satellite named Chandrayaan of India first discovered water on the surface of the moon with the help of the moon's mineralogy mapper.

15. Science Day in Switzerland is dedicated to former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam
Now you must have understood that the honor of Kalam Saheb is not only in our country, but he has his fans all over the world. May 26 is made there as Science Day.

16. The first President of India used to take only half the salary.
Dr. Rajendra Prasad is considered to be one of the presidents of independent India who remained attached to the land for the rest of his life. Known for his hygiene, this man used to take only 50 per cent of the 10,000 salary paid to the President.

17. India's first rocket was carried on a bicycle
India's first rocket was so light that it was taken to the launching station after putting it on a bicycle career.

18. Spa baths for elephants in India
Elephants are also religiously recognized in India. Here people see him with great respect. There are many places in Kerala where elephants are bathed and bathed.

19. India has the second highest number of English speakers in the world
Now call it the influence of the British or better jobs available on speaking English, but in the case of English speakers, India comes second after America.
Taj mahal
Taj mahal

20. Taj Mahal of Agra
The Taj Mahal of Agra is one of the seven wonders of the world, built by the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz.

What are 3 interesting facts about India?

21. Largest Road Network
India has the world's largest road network, connecting 1.9 million miles of land.

22. Chess, known as Chess, was invented in India itself. It was known as 'Sanskrit Chaturanga  which means 'four members of an army, 

23. Diamond: Until 1986, India was the only country in the world where diamond was officially found.

24. India has been exporting textiles for thousands of years in addition to steel, agro products, technology or medicine.

25. Age limit
More than 50% of the people in India are under 25 years of age and 65% are under 35 years of age. People in India are younger than other countries.

26. The oldest civilization
India's civilization is one of the oldest in the world, and even the oldest places and buildings in the world. The ancient kingdoms of India date back to Egypt and Mesopotamia.

27. Largest film industry
India is the biggest film industry in the world. He is making more films in Bollywood and in many other studios around the country.

What is India known for?

interesting facts about india

28. Sacred Creations
About 500 to 2000 scriptures were written in the Punjab region.

29. The construction of zero
The idea of ​​Zero, the most important number in mathematics, was given to the world by India.

30. Largest Montessori School
India has the largest Montessori school in the world. That's the City Montessori School of Lucknow, which has about 26,000 students.

31. Highest export of banana
India exports the largest amount of bananas in the world. Brazil comes in second.

32. Milk production
India has the highest production in the world.

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