70 interesting facts about lion

70 interesting facts about lion

70 interesting facts about lion
70 interesting facts about lion
Lions are symbols of strength and courage and have been known throughout history for these characteristics. They are also common symbols for royalty and stability,
 Hence the phrase 'king of the jungle' is pronounced lion. Living in grasslands, shrubs, and the open forests of Sub Saharan Africa, the lion (after tigers) is the second largest cat in the world. Do you know, 70 interesting facts about lion?
The roar of an adult male lion can be heard up to 8 km away. You would be surprised to know that two thousand years ago, these millions of lions could be seen roaming all over the regions covering Europe, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and India.
In the 1940s the number of lions was 450,000 but today, only 32,000 lions remain on the earth. You must know that lions are also the national animals of Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Singapore.
So friends, in this post today, know interesting facts lions and unique information related to lion!

70 interesting facts about a lion

1. Do you know? Lions were the second most widespread land mammal after humans 10,000 years ago. They were present in Africa, Eurasia and America!
2. The average male lion weighs about 180 kg while the average female lion weighs about 130 kg .
3. Wild lions live for about 10–14 years. While in captivity they live to the age of 20-25 years.
4. Lions eat about 18 pounds of meat per day. It would be more like eating 70 hamburgers for a human!
5. Only two species of lion are African and Asian with only remaining. There are about six sub-species of African lions.

What is special about a lion?

6. Do you know? The lion can reach speeds up to 81 kilometres per hour but only for a short time because they lack stamina / endurance.
7. If we look at the record, the heaviest lion ever weighed was an amazing 375 
8. Only 1 in 8 male lions survive to adulthood. Most of the lions die almost immediately after being expelled from their flock around 2 years of age!
9. lions can have from 2 to 40 members in a flock and on an average there are 13 members in a flock.
10. Do you know? When lions breed with tigers, the resulting hybrids are called Lingers and tigers. There are also lion and leopard hybrids, known as Napoleons, and lion and jaguar hybrids, called Jaglions.
11. African lions eat large animals found in grasslands, including reindeer, zebras, and strange creatures.
12. You may be surprised to know that in the year 2002, to the surprise of conservationists, a lioness adopts a child of a deer and saves it! However, two weeks later, a male lion devoured the baby while the lioness was asleep.
Surprisingly, the lioness was seen roaming with great sorrow and could be seen roaring in anger.
13. Do you know? After a large meal, a male lion can sleep for 24 hours.
14. Lionesses are better predators than lions and do most of the work for their prey.
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interesting facts of lion

15. You will be surprised to know that lions have terrible night vision, they are 6 times more sensitive to light than humans! This gives them an unmistakable preferred position over some prey species when chasing around evening time!
16. As lion bones are becoming scarce, hunters have shifted to lion bones to supply the intense demands of traditional medicine in Asia.
17. Do you know? Lions mating for a child about 3,000 times!
18. Wild lions rest for about 20 hours a day.
19. A Turkish proverb says A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.
20. Do you know? There are more lions in the world than real lions.
21. The ancient Egyptians honored lions as their war gods due to their strength, vigor and furiousness. The famous Sphinx is one of many mythological depictions of lions in Egyptian culture.
22. You will be surprised to know that a lion bite is 30 times more strenuous than a pet cat bite.
23. You would be surprised to know that two men had picked up a lion in a London apartment and closed it open, after a year when they came back,
And they found that not only that lion remembered them, but he also loved them!
24. Do you know? The most dangerous land animal in Africa is not a lion, but a hippopotamus. Hippos kill about 500 people a year; While lion kills around 100 people!
25. History has proven that whenever lions and tigers get into a fight, the tiger almost always wins.

What are lions afraid of?

70 interesting facts about lion
70 interesting facts about lion
The lion, known as the king of animals or king of the jungle, once roamed Africa, Asia and Europe, but now lives only in Africa and parts of India.
Let us tell you interesting facts related to lions.
26. 2000 years ago more than 1 million lions roamed the wild areas of Europe, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran and India.
27. In the 1940 s, the number of lions on the earth was 4.5 lakes, which has reduced to only 32 thousand at present.
28. The word Asian is a Turkish and Mongolian term used for the lion, depicted in the film The Chronicles of Narnia.
29. Lion family is the second largest animal in the cat family after tigers.
30. The darker the lion's mane neck hair, the bigger it is.
31. The female lion prefers to mate with the male ions, who have long and dark mane neck hair.
32. Unlike other cat species, lions are good swimmers.

 interesting facts about the lion

33. Lions can jump up to 36 feet away
34. The lion is the only member of the cat species which has a silken tail. A lion-tailed tail is seen when it is 5-7 months old.
35. Only one male lion out of eight has survived to puberty. The main reason for Lion to die at an early age is to remove him from his flock at the age of 2.
36. To capture a new area, 3 or 4 male c heroes have to live in a group. Male lions often kill their cubs along with rival male lions for residence.
37. A strange incident occurred in 2002 when a lioness adopted a deer and protected it, although two weeks later, the male lion killed the deer while the lioness was sleeping.
38. Lion's bones are used to make traditional medicine in Asia, so many hunters also hunt them due to its increasing demand.
39. A male lion can pull itself up to 10 feet in length and weighs around 400-500 pounds while a lioness weighs up to 250-300 pounds. A male lion in the Aguadilla Trans frontier Park, South Africa
40. Although Lions is called the "King of the Jungle", but he does not live in the forests but lives in the plains and the vast grasslands.
41. A century ago, in Africa, the number of Lions was given more than 2 lake, which has reduced to 15 to 30 thousand today.
42. Lions can run at a speed of 50 mph but only in a straight line and for a few seconds. A lion tries to reach the prey as close as possible before killing i
43. African lion is the highest among the ending Lions due to injury.
44. Patience and Fortitude are the names of two stone Lions outside the New York Public Library, which were named in 1930 to show the glory of New York due to tension.
45. The proverb in the Turkey language is that "a lion lives in the heart of every brave person".
46. ​​Male lions are the only cat species that differ from the female species.
47. Among the cat species, the roar of the lion is the fastest that can be heard from 8 km away while the roar of the tiger can be heard up to 3 km.
48. Lions can see six times as well as humans in the dark.
49. Lion is the most social animal among the big cat species.

interesting  facts about Asiatic lion

50. In 2015, a female African lioness killed a 29-year-old woman through a jeep window. Since then, tourists are instructed to keep the windows closed in the park.
51. Africa's dangerous land animal is not a lion but a hippopotamus. Hippos kill about 500 people every year while the number of people killed by lions is about 100.
52. Tanzania has the largest population of Lions in Africa.
53. White lions are still called African lions but due to change in color they have left their area. According to some beliefs, the white Lions is considered the messenger of God, which brings happiness and prosperity.
54. The Asiatic lions, considered to be the cousins ​​of the African Lions, were once spread from India to Europe, but today they have only 300 left in the Ger Sanctuary of India.
55. Male lions live 12 to 16 years in the forest, while female lions live for 15 to 18 years, while lions in cages can live for 20 years.
56. More than 90 percent of the hunt is done by Lions.
57. Lions cannot run as fast as other big cats such as tendons and tigers. He often uses teamwork and relies more on his strength than his speed.
58. Hunters get from 5500 dollars to 50 thousand dollars to kill the lion, which depends on the size and type of the lion. For this, hunters surround the Lions in large areas.
59. Male lions mate more than 100 times in two days to ensure that the lioness becomes pregnant. Each meeting lasts only a few seconds.
60. Lions gives birth after placing the cubs in the womb for three and a half months.

interesting facts for lion

61. There are two main functions of an effective lion in a flock, first that it will join all the lionesses of the flock and secondly they protect their flock from the other male lion.
62. Male lions can control their flocks for more than four years.
63. A porcupine can fight with a lion's herd,
64. Almost all the big cats, including the lion, spend most of their time sleeping, and often they only sleep for 22 hours in 24 hours a day.
65. Lions often hunt at night because the success rate of their hunting at night is up to 50 percent.
66. Mountain lions bury their prey in the ground or snow and whenever they are hungry they take it back out of the ground and eat it.
67. The area of ​​a tiger herd can be spread over 100 square miles in grasslands and open fields.
68. ​​Lions often brings small deer children alive so that they can learn how to hunt their cubs.
69. Lions can be of different colors, in which they are also skin colored, brown, yellow and red.
70. Ostrich legs are so strong that their kick can lead to the death of a lion.

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