Facts of the brain

facts of the brain 

Facts of the brain
Facts of the brain 

Every activity of our body depends on our mind. Our body is nothing without mind. Know such things related to the mind that you may not know about

1. The weight of a normal human brain is 2 percent of the total body weight. But it uses 20 percent of the body's total energy and oxygen.

2. The fact about the brain is that your human brain grows 95 percent by the age of 5. By the age of 18, it develops 100 percent and after that it stops growing.

3. If oxygen does not reach the brain even for 5 minutes, then brain damage can occur.

4. When you are awake, the brain provides power equal to ten watts of energy. This energy can burn Billi's bulb. At the same time, the speed of sending the message of the brain is 170 miles i.e. about 272 km per hour.

5. Every second there are 100,000 chemical reactions in our brain.

6. You will be surprised to hear, but it is true that dopamine which leaves chemical brain while having sex, the same dopamine brain also leaves while listening to music.

7. The way we say that we do more work with right or left hand. We cannot say this for our minds. Our whole brain works together.

8. You know that the brain controls all the parts of the body. But do you know that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side controls the right side of the body.

9. If you are drunk and do not remember things at that time. It is not because you forget. This is because your brain is not able to form memory at that time.

10. Often you must have heard that children studying are told by their parents that they get up early in the morning and study and the mind is fresh at that time. Because the morning is considered more suitable for any task, but the fact about the brain is that the brain is more active at night.

11. The storage of your brain is unlimited. It does not fill your computer like RAM.

12. Information of different parts of the body reaches the mind at different speeds and through different neuron. But not all neurons are the same. Some neurons transmit information to the brain at a speed of 0.5 meters per second and some 120 meters per second.

13. The left side of our brain controls the speaking and the left side of the mind of the birds controls their Twitter.

14. It is believed that we remain blind for 30 minutes a day due to blinking of 20 thousand times in a day. But in fact, despite blinking an eyelid 20 thousand times a day, we do not remain blind for 30 minutes. Because the brain automatically maintains the picture of the object in such a short time. The blink time is less than the 16th of 1 second, but the brain retains the picture of any object till the 16th of a second.

15. The brain becomes active within about 7-8 minutes of drinking alcohol and we start getting intoxicated.

16. Human growth is more at night than day. This is due to the pituitary gland present in a small part of the brain. This gland releases a hormone that grows at night.

17. Our brain releases 10 to 24 watts of energy while awake, which can drive an electric bulb.

18. The brain is only about 2 percent of the body. But it consumes 20 percent of the total oxygen and blood also uses 20 percent.

19. Are you aware that 40 percent color of the brain is gray and 60 percent of the rest is white. The gray parts in the brain are neurones that act as communication.

20. The brain can remain for about 6 minutes even if oxygen is not available, but it increases the risk of damage during longer periods. The brain cannot remain without oxygen for more than 10 minutes.

21. Your brain keeps developing till the age of 40 years.

22. In general, the brains of men are 10 percent more than the brains of women. But this does not affect smartness.

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23. More than 75% of human brain is made up of water.

24. Our growth is more at night than day. This is due to the pituitary gland present in our brain which releases growth hormone at night.

25. A person's brain grows up to 95% by the age of 5 years and develops 100% by the time he or she reaches the age of 18, and then stops developing further.

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26. When we look carefully at a person's face, we use the left side of our brain.

27. About 5 parts of our brain work together while laughing.

28. A person's brain weighs about 1500 grams.

29. After the age of 40, our brain slowly starts to shrink.

30. Human mind is bigger than all the systems on earth. Elephant's brain is only 15% compared to its body while 2% of human's.

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31. Our brain is most active at bedtime, the shape of the brain of different people is also different.

32. There are about 100 billion neurons in our brain
Every time we research some thing new, new wrinkles advance in the brain. And this wrinkle is the correct measure of IQ.

33. According to psychology, the more wrinkles of a person's brain, the more intelligent a person is.

34. By stressing the same thing for too long, our brain loses the ability to think, understand and make decisions for some time.

35. It is often said that man uses only 10% of his brain but this is not true. We make full use of our mind.

36. Brain (mind) and mind (mind) are two different things. Science has not yet ascertained which part of the mind body is there.

37. The smell of chocolate produces theta waves in our brain, due to which we feel relaxed.

38. Every day 70,000 thoughts come to our mind.
The emotions of the human body control a part called amygdala.

39. If amygdala is removed from the mind, then the fear of human beings will end forever.

40. Neuronase counts in the brain can be increased by performing brain functions because any part of the body that we use more and more gets developed. Similarly, reading and speaking increases the brain development of children.

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